El Señor
Showreel 2013

That´s The New York Life

There are lots of
ways to present a car,
and the big screen is one of them

Sing with Uber
and meet Mariah Carey

If you don´t care after the
beach, your holidays
may end here...

Millions of Spaniards
have travelled to London
without even booking a flight.

The first restaurant
of the world with 26 Michelin stars

Success is a blend

Sixty seniors partying
24 hours in Ibiza.
Who said that is not posible?

Audi Q2 product launch.
An #untaggable car deserved
an #untaggable party

Spain´s firts open sea
electronic music festival

The firts play
hosted in consumers homes

The stress-relief therapy
that placed NH Hotels in the
spotlight of worldwide media...

Spain will never
be the same

The largest
DJ contest in the world tastes of
adrenaline, lime and Corona.

5,200 kilometres
bouncing a basketball

The first snowboard competition
in the world celebrated in the
centre of a great city.

125 years’ history in the time
you take to drink a beer.

6 tough bike Riders drinking
non alcoholic beer

The best cruise crew in Spain.

The World Duty Free
Group's puppets.

The embassy of the best
Scottish whisky. A meeting point
for international Jet Setters.

Time travelling through the
the eyes of the most
charismatic car in history.

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